RealityCheck is a multi-user web-based application featuring interactive and insightful performance management reports based on thoughtfully-designed 360° evaluation tools. RealityCheck, which aspires to help leaders lead in the most empathetic way possible, is built on epistemology and cognitive science and aims to present the world with the most empathic 360-feedback experience.

The branding incorporates rich and diversified brand language, featuring vibrant colour schemes, authentic people imagery, and a custom word mark complemented by user-friendly interface iconography that levelled up the design inventory. The design flexibility is further accompanied by producing a modern typeface called "RC Sans", influenced by the signature grotesque style.

The additional emotional appeal of the interface is added by intensifying our creative metaphors through bold brush strokes, unique texturing and airy handcrafted character illustrations, that quickly became the signature pulse of the visual language.

Through our holistic design approach, we were able to tailor every dimension of the independent visual relationships, conveying the brand's confidence and empathic philosophy into a seamless interactive experience.






Brand Identity, Digital Product


  • Miodrag Cekikj (Software Engineer)

  • Ivana Nikolovska (Front-End Developer)

  • Aleksandar Pavlovski (Back-End Developer)

  • Jasna Nikolova (Illustrator)

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