Mindapt is a Swedish digital learning platform designed to provide distinctive conceptual tools and e-courses that offer thousands of leaders unique cognitive foundations developed on the most relevant scientific discoveries. Based on the core multidisciplinary nature of cognitive science studies, the platform adopts a holistic approach to understanding sustainable behaviour.

By strongly emphasizing interaction design, we aimed to create seamless navigation and an engaging user flow that ensures a dynamic user experience supporting the platform's core purpose. The UI system is produced with purposefully and sparsely chosen iconography that tones down the cognitive strain on users while maintaining balance and adherence to the overall visual brand.

To enhance the overall learning experience, the design language and the user-friendly interface complement a contemporary sans-serif type, playful illustrations and bold colours.

The logotype was designed based on the practical use of intentionally imperfect ink trap typefaces. Combining steep curves with lovely geometry gives an exaggerated style and adds extra character to the icon and the logo. The controlled use of confident Neon Green adds further authenticity and uniqueness to the brand identity, enabling us to express the application's personality and add an additional layer of vibrance.

The bold yet comforting visual language, icon style and authentic brand assets contributed to creating a dynamic learning experience and cohesive brand identity, merging the full spectrum of the features with the expressive brand language.






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