Foxies is a Scandinavian underwear brand that puts nature, sustainable production and eco-friendly materials at the centre of its style philosophy. The company's essence is inspired by the Arctic fox, which has been on the brink of extinction for the last 100 years.

With a strong ethical focus on the arctic fox and a descriptive and evocative blend of creativity and strategy, we created a brand name merged from the words 'Fox' and 'undies' - "Foxies".

Inspired by the untamed Scandinavian nature and folk tales, the harmonious blend of meticulously conceptualised and crafted visual language entices customers' senses through a series of highly ornamental forms. By reflecting the spirit of the mystic Scandinavian forest, the soft forms are composed of floral and animal motifs framed in unique naturalistic compositions, creating a fully organic brand experience.

The simplicity of the Slab-serif lettering and the two-tone colour palette, featuring deep blue-indigo tones, supplement the perfectly elevated brand's essence, bringing lively metaphors into a pure emotional connection with the Nordic environment.

Inspired by the never-ending nature forms and flow, we assembled the company's contemporary and reliable branding approach focused on sustainable fashion, encouraging customers to have a unique and refreshing touch with nature.






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