As a multidisciplinary creative collective, we curate at the intersection of art, design and technology. Our passion is all about spreading our visual design into a variety of emotionally connected experiences that cut through and connect.

In our narrative, we focus on visual identity, brand experience and art direction. Believing in aesthetically appealing, functional and distinctive design encapsulates the true essence of how we ignite change and foster creativity.

With a bold, distinct contemporary style, our soul-driven designs derive from inspired minds and ambitious collaborators. The design-centric vision and collaborative approach create new paths and affect our performance as creatives, designers and developers.


Vlado Cekikj
Co-founder & CMO

Reaching the unimaginable in founding the first fully remote creative studio in 2018 in the SEE region, Vlado sits at the heart of integrated technology and design in the 21st-century synthesis of creativity and innovation.

With a strong desire to transform the marketing industry, he spent years focused on the intersection of creativity in marketing communication and brand experience strategies. Along with strengthening the company’s portfolio globally, his work range extends from brand positioning to improving brand equity, awareness and performance.

With a long track record of embracing new technologies, he focuses on providing deep insight into the breadth and depth of consumer marketing strategies, ensuring a multifaceted approach for adapting to modern consumers’ needs and preferences. 

Milosh Ristoski
Co-founder & Art Director

As an Art Director and co-founder, Milosh is an artist and a visionary leader. The minimalist but bold design fits his aesthetics and artistic philosophy, while his leadership approach carries our business model and the diversity of our brand.

With more than twelve remarkable years of work in visual arts, his ideal for creative bravery is thought-provoking and inspired by unrelated fields and unexpected encounters. Becoming an Art Director at 22 enabled him to create the outlines of a contemporary creative collective, nurturing a fierce creative reputation for producing visual imagery worldwide.

With harmony between emotions, contrast and movements, his visual language encourages a new dimension of design clarity, context and visual expressions through powerful meanings.


Brand Identity

Advanced design systems for companies.

Digital Media

Digital design systems for websites, apps and digital products.

Digital Experience

Format concepts that provide meaningful user experiences.

Design Media

Envisioning and production for social media, offline campaigns, design, and more.



Our work is not bound by geographic location, cultural background or time zones. The emphasis is on creation rather than time spent at the office. We are flexible, inclusive, and remote.


We nurture close, collaborative relationships with our clients and our network of artists, creating long-lasting partnerships built on trust, curiosity and mutual growth.


The process of creating and delivering consistent values is what drives us, our community and our clients. In a noise-filled creative world, we stand out for quality over mass production.


A curated list of small and big companies that trusted our creative collective.






British Embassy Skopje

Sparkasse Bank


UK Aid

Hero Gaming


La Roche-Posay


Croatia Insurance


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