PBX is an Austrian-based company pioneering zero-emission conditioned transport for logistics based on natural refrigerants. As passionate, environmentally friendly innovators consisting of technical natives and detail-oriented engineers, the company revolutionized the transport refrigeration industry by designing and introducing the first R290 transport refrigeration unit on the market - the ecos M24.

To showcase the ecos M24 on Europe's largest and most important event for the future of the commercial vehicle industry, IAA transportation, we teamed up to launch the first brand development campaign. Driven by a sustainable environmental mission, the campaign rolled out with a digital marketing direction featuring the company slogan "Beyond Electrifying", under which we aimed to underly the social-environmental mission of ecos M24 zero emissions architecture.

To achieve a strong identity embodying the company's unique value proposition, we used an intuitive layout composed of geometric elements and a narrow navigation system that seamlessly balances the product's standout features. Moreover, we chose the classic Söhne typeface for the letterform scheme, which convincingly adapts to the product's solid, confident materiality, complementing the aesthetics of the overall brand identity.

The Signal Eco Green colour accent further distinguished the graphic language, which has allowed us to broaden the campaign's sensory marketing perspective, offering valuable retrieval cues of the company's true personality.






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