As a family business with 30 years old heritage, Orthomol provides high-quality products and expertise in nutritional medicine, with products available in over 30+ countries. By leading the field of orthomolecular nutritional medicine, the company has been developing an extensive range of food supplements governed by advanced technology and R&D.

By collaborating on the Macedonian brand positioning, we focused on developing new and intriguing stories while maintaining the recognised corporate image and history, represented by enthusiasm, conviction, and love for a health and nutrition.

We attributed strong attention to the graphic composition to create a dialogue between images and messages. By establishing a custom icon set as an independent component of the expressive architecture, we created harmony in the brand's visual language while enhancing the overall product experience. In addition, the thoughtful and consistent application of the heritage blue color contributed to our purpose of creating a compelling and cohesive brand identity that reflects the decade-long brand personality.

The art of using vivid imagery and expression to create shared experiences and feeling of community around high-quality Orthomol products allowed us to develop an emotional design by applying storytelling in every design narrative.


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