Japan North Macedonia 30

日本と北マケドニア 30
Celebrating the profound legacy of three decades of diplomatic ties between Japan and North Macedonia, we are honoured to unveil the artwork created by our art director, Milosh Ristoski, and selected as the winning design in the logo competition hosted by the Embassy of Japan in North Macedonia.

The artistic sensibility and deeply symbolic visual language are inspired by the philosophical testament of both countries' mutual respect, illuminating the very essence of how important strong bilateral resilience and solid diplomatic relations are.

With a strong focus on encapsulating the radiant embodiment of unity, hope and enduring friendship that has guided the bilateral relations between Japan and North Macedonia, the composition of national flags harmoniously converge to form a jubilant, all-embracing visage. Through a meticulous blend of simplistic design elements and resonant symbolism, the logotype illuminates the deep cultural bond between the countries, celebrating shared heritage but also forward-looking unity and collaborative future.

As we proudly reflect on this moment, we are pleased with our contribution to the timeless saga of the enduring bond and friendship between Japan and North Macedonia.




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